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Patient Advice and Guidance

The patient group now understand further the spiralling workloads and huge demands being placed on our local practice. We feel offering advice and support for patients to help themselves, particularly during minor illness, could help reduce some of this demand.

Many patients will already have embraced self-care; particularly patients with long term conditions who monitor their own blood pressure for example, and they will appreciate far better health outcomes!

Despite peoples willingness to self treat minor illness there are still over 60 million GP consultations every year for these. Patients abandon self care earlier than they need to (i.e. the first 7 days) for a number of reasons such as lacking confidence in understanding the natural progression of symptoms, perceived severity of symptoms, looking for reassurance or seeking prescriptions for a cure.

Self care will help to empower you and help you take control of your own health. It is important to note that for minor ailments you can contact your pharmacy who can offer advice, reassurance and medicine. The NHS also has the 111 telephone number for advice.

These are some excellent online resources with advice and reassurance which are recommended:  - The practice website has an 'advice and help' page.  - Wessex healthier together written by GPs and paediatricians for when to worry advice on self limiting minor ailments in children such as diarrhoea, coughs and colds  etc. (nhs choices) is an excellent resource with an A-Z of health conditions and advice.   is also really excellent with good leaflets and advice for most health conditions. - Mid Hampshire Healthcare directory of services - with details for self referral to local services from counselling and psychological therapies to elderly loneliness and befriending services.

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