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"Why we are keen to prepare a Village Design Statement"

It's an opportunity to establish a consensus description of the visual character of the villages which we all want to sustain - not frozen in time but maintaining the essential elements of the character as it develops. It's about the shape of the village and its building styles and how these relate to the broader landscape.

A Village Design Statement carries weight because it's researched and written by people who live in and know the village, not by anonymous planners or consultants. The more people actively involved in its preparation, the more influence it will have,

A Working Group has been formed, with the backing of the Parish Council, and is setting about organising an event in March 2019. All residents will be invited to identify exactly what makes the Parish distinctive in their eyes, and through a camera lens. This will form the basis for preparing the Design Statement. When complete it will be submitted to TVBC for formal endorsement.

If you would like to know anything more about getting involved please email the Parish Clerk


Test Valley Borough Council has nominated a point of contact to help us create the Village Design Statement and support its endorsement, planned for late 2019. If you are interested in finding out more about Village Design Statements and the process around their creation the links below may be helpful.