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Open Meeting - March

March Open Meeting

Over 80 villagers came to the Parish-wide open meetings at the Community Centre and The Royal British Legion. Kirsty North (HCC Councillor for Andover North) and Phil North (TVBC Councillor, Council Leader) supported the meetings and as well as TVBC planning and community liaison officers.

Villagers provided identified important views and open spaces and fed back their opinions on over seventy photos. 470 green dots were placed on the photos, fifty pins were placed on important open spaces and forty pins identified significant views.

If you weren't able to come to the Open Meetings or would like to look at the material again you can click on the photo galleries on this page which contain

  • The open meeting welcome pack
  • A mini-presentation describing the format and objectives of the meeting
  • A summary of the questionnaire results. Click here for the full set
  • Initial information on the Village Design Statement document