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Traffic and the A343

Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish Progress Report

The Village Design Statement questionnaire showed very strongly that reducing the volume, speed and type of traffic, improving safety and managing parking are all very important. Although the impact of traffic is largely outside the scope of the Village Design Statement your comments and suggestions will be passed on to the Parish Council, Test valley Borough council and Hampshire County Council

A very wide range of comments and suggestions were on display at the open meeting and can be seen below.

Rural villages use a wide range of methods to help alleviate or solve traffic problems. Some of them could work for Hurstbourne Tarrant, Ibthorpe and Upton. You may like to look at some of the documents in the list below and see if there are any ideas that can be used in our Parish. Click on the links to open in a new window.

The next three documents are in depth studies which provide useful background information