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Cheltenham Whaddon Bowls Club

Club Constitution

In 2015 HMRC made changes to the rules for clubs, which wish to be considered as Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC): this status gives clubs a number of benefits e.g. relief from rates and favourable treatment for other taxes, which the Treasurer estimates are currently worth at least £2000 to the club. Our current constitution does not conform to these new regulations, so to preserve our CASC status, we have to make a number of changes. Moreover, the existing club constitution & rules were last revised in November 1994 and it has become clear to the Committee that they need to be brought up to date in any case.

A new constitution and rules have therefore been drafted, based on a model provided by Bowls England, but adapted for our own circumstances and taking account of our existing rules. The Committee consider that they should now be published for comment and suggestions from the membership. We have provided a set of notes, which indicate some of the areas needing attention: these are also highlighted (yellow) in the text of the draft. The clauses highlighted in pink are required by HMRC to maintain our CASC status and cannot be amended.

Please address any comments or suggestions to the Secretary for consideration by the Committee, who will draw up the final version and propose it for adoption at the next AGM.