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GDPR Consent

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into effect from 25 March 2018. There are no significant changes in the way the Club operates or deals with your personal information because of the GDPR; rather it is a new requirement in the GDPR that we must ask for and record your specific consent to these matters.

The Club has adopted a GDPR Policy, Members should read this Policy, which covers the data held and how it is used and shared with others.

You have previously provided the required personal information on joining the Club and are now being asked to agree that the Club may use your data as described, contacting you by post, e-mail and/or phone as outlined. Such communications will be restricted to matters such as: GBA and BE issues; club meetings, minutes and events; availability for and selection of teams; and other such club related matters. In addition, you are being asked to consent to the publication of your name, phone number(s) and E-mail address in the Club Members Contact Directory, which will be distributed to Club members only.

The Club does not share members’ data with any external organisation except GBA and BE for the purposes of affiliation and in the case of a very limited number of individual post-holders as given in the Policy. Within the Club, members’ data is shared only with team captains for team and match considerations.

You have a number of rights concerning this data, namely:

  • To request a copy of the data held about yourself from the Secretary, to be provided within one month;
  • The correction of any inaccurate data, to be done within one month;
  • The erasure of the data should you leave (or fail to re-join) the Club;
  • To withdraw your consent to the use of the data for contact purposes; and
  • To report any suspected breach of data security to the Club Chairman.

You have the right to not consent to the club contacting you in an of the ways given below. Should you do so, however, you need to be aware that the club will not be able to contact you about events, matches or urgent issues such as late cancellation of games.

In the case of young people, the information will not be published in the handbook.

The Club website will hold no openly available personal information.

We are asking you to confirm that you have read the GDPR Policy and that you consent to the Club using your data as described above and in the Policy, by completing the form below:

GDPR Consent to use of personal data

New members will need to complete this form on joining.

Please indicate your agreement to the following statements *