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Business Plan 2018 - 2023

To : Members Cheltenham Whaddon Bowling Club (CWBC)

The purpose of this note is to keep members informed of the potential future developments required at/by the club.

The recent Business Plan exercise has identified certain tasks that need to be undertaken to ensure the future prosperity and growth of CWBC and future maintenance of the buildings.

Some of these tasks have costs associated with them and the impact of these are shown in the funding requirements table below:

5 year Financial Projections (£’s)

                                           18-19              19-20               20-21               21-22              22-23

Income                              57,123            58,837             60,602              62,420             64,292

Expenditure                      55,000            57,750             60,638              63,669             66,853

Surplus/(Deficit)                2,123              1,087                   (36)              (1,250)            (2,560)

Capital Requirements      20,000            28,500              10,500               12,500              5,000

Funding Requirement    (17,877)          (27,413)           (10,536)             (13,750)          (7,560)

Projects identified which make up the Capital Requirements were prioritised as to whether they could be classed as regulatory, compliance, maintenance, replacement or nice to have. Projects identified included:

Electrics, Pathways, Ladies toilets and changing facilities upgrade, Disabled Toilet facilities, Green machinery (mower, scarifier etc) replacement., Outdoor covered area – enhance disability access, Roof – Insulation etc, Bar refurbishment, Carpet and soft furnishings replacement, Car Park, Green enhancements & Irrigation system.

The financials above assume that all tasks are undertaken over the next 5 years. The committee will need to investigate new funding streams to fill the ‘operational’ cash flow. The Business Plan will be a key document when additional funds are being sourced/applied for.

The Committee will continue  to seek assistance and input from the members -  a proposed survey to further understand member’s preferences and thoughts on CWBC  will be made available in the next few weeks