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Cheltenham Whaddon Bowls Club

Committee Proceedings

The Committee have decided to publish regular summaries of their proceedings to help members keep up to date with important developments at the Club. This page will be updated every month after the regular Committee meeting. If you want to make a comment or suggestion, please feel free to talk to the Chairman or Secretary.

Summary of Committee Discussions, February 2019

Officers Reports

 The Secretary reported back on the recent GBA AGM; he will be creating a new Facebook page to replace the existing profile, which will make managing our Facebook presence much easier. On finances, it was an unexceptional month and we broke even. The Fixture Secretary pointed out that we will be hosting the Men’s Festival on 6 May, so we will need to arrange catering on the day.

Green, Grounds & House

Work on the green is still proceeding according to the plan of action; the bare patches have been returfed and the Greens committee reiterated their confidence that the green will be ready and fit for play as normal. Work to identify and repair leaks in the watering system is nearly complete.

Purchase of New Mower

We discussed a proposal to buy a new mower for the green, which, though expensive, would replace several pieces of aging equipment and make it easier for members to help with cutting the green. We decided that we needed more information before coming to a decision and will be seeking input from the GBA Greens Advisor.

Club Open Day

We will be producing a flyer to advertise the Open Day as widely as possible: we will be asking members to distribute it in their locality and to spread the word to any other groups they belong to. Our publicity campaign will include local news media and social media. Catering will be kept simple – tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes. We will also be looking for volunteers to help on the day.

Summary of Committee Discussions, December 2018 – January 2019

Selection Policy

 As a result of discussions at the AGM and other representations, the Committee asked the Secretary to draft a new policy, which was adopted at the meeting in January. It has been published on the Club website and is available in hard copy in the Club Information folder.


The Competitions Sub-committee met in December and agreed some changes to the rules for the coming season, which were approved by the full Committee in January. The age for entry to the Senior Citizens competition has been equalized for men and women at 65 on 1st April and the criteria for extension to play by dates have been tightened up. See the Club website and info folder for the amended rules.

Club Keys

In light of 2 recent incidents the Committee has decided that we need to have better control over keys to the club. We will therefore be requiring a deposit of £10 on any set of keys issued to members, which will be repaid when keys are returned. We will be asking members to reconfirm which keys they have and to pay the deposit at the next renewal of subscription, due on 1st April.


We have submitted a request to the Borough Council for a grant to help with the construction of a disabled toilet, which will be in the area currently occupied by the men’s lockers and cleaning cupboard. The entrance will be through the ladies’ toilet. We have not yet decided where the lockers will be relocated. Our water bill was unexpectedly high and Dave is pursuing this with Severn Trent. Otherwise finances are in reasonable order.

Green, Grounds & House

Work on the green is proceeding according to the plan of action agreed after the inspection in October and, given reasonable weather, the green should have recovered from last season’s problems in time for the coming season. The roofing contractor was called to investigate the recurrence of a leak into the clubhouse, which he believed was caused by rain driving up under the tiles, but did replace some tiles, battens and felt. There was also a problem with the water tank and the feed to the sprinklers, which may be the cause of the high water bill. Work is in hand to effect repairs.

Catering & Social

Steve Gilman has drawn up a list of matches for which catering is required (see noticeboard) for the whole of next season. Please help wherever you can. We used the newly purchased equipment to run a successful  Race Night in December, though the response for the dance night in January has been slightly disappointing so far


The Secretary has created a Club Information folder which will be kept in the rack next to the door to the green: it has useful details of the club, its Constitution and policies, competition rules and bowls etiquette. A new calendar of club events and fixtures can be found in the Members area of the club website (password from any member of the Committee). We are looking for a new skittles team for a Tuesday night slot.