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Friends of Linton Church

Friends of Linton Church


Friends of Linton Church is a Registered Charity, the aim of which is to raise funds to assist toward the preservation and maintenance of the fabric and contents of St Nicholas’ Church, Linton.

We are an independent registered charity, and membership is open to all.

Some local residents and visitors, who may for whatever reason not wish to contribute directly to Church funds, nevertheless admire this lovely building and understand the importance of its historic central role in the Linton community. Though perhaps not active worshippers themselves, they appreciate having this opportunity to contribute towards its preservation and upkeep.



FOLC was founded in May 1992, and has met or contributed toward the cost of a number of repairs and improvements to the Church, including:



  • repairs to the windows
  • restoration of the organ
  • repairs to the roof and ceilings
  • restoration of the Mayne Memorial
  • complete replacement of the church heating system

Since the Friends started, over £70,000 has been raised to help maintain the church!


You are warmly invited to join us. You can become a Patron, or you can simply make a donation. Either way, we will be very grateful for your contribution and we will in return provide an annual update of forthcoming events in Linton

There is a brochure, please see link below, which explains more about us and includes a form for joining the Friends

Alternatively, please feel free to contact the Chairman, Bernard Cresswell