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Linton Parish Environmental Policy

The Parish Council has adopted a model environmental policy, in common with many similar local authorities:

  • Linton Parish Council believes in the protection of the environment and our heritage, whilst recognising the need for sustainable, essential development  and the provision of quality public amenities and services
  • The Parish Council supports the reduction of waste, through recycling and renewability, thus reducing pollution and degradation of the environment.
  • The Parish Council believes in conservation, improvement,  and protection of natural resources through proper management. It also believes in the preservation,  restoration,  and reinstatement of places of historical interest which form our heritage.
  • The Parish Council recognises the requirement to provide a framework for society through the provision of amenities and services which are relevant to the needs of the local community, whilst being compatible with the principles of renewability and sustainability.

These are fine and laudable sentiments, but what is actually being done locally, to further these aims? A surprising amount! Here is a list of initiatives currently being pursued by the Parish Council. Do you think we have missed something? If so, let us know..