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Local Planning

Planning is an important issue for Linton. We are a relatively rural, unspoilt parish and almost by definition, any new development is likely to change that to some degree, for better or for worse. The Parish Council consider it important that residents are well informed, and have the opportunity to express their views where necessary. This part of our website is intended to fulfil that aim.


Planning applications when received are reviewed by the Parish Council and details are placed on the Council noticeboard in Wheeler’s Lane. If you want to see the full details of any application, including supporting documents, they will probably be available on line, on the MBC website. During the consultation period, you will be able to submit comments on an application to the planning authority. Once a decision has been reached, you will be able to view it on line.

This is what to do:

–  Copy or make a note of the application number

–  Click on “Search for a planning application” on this page of the MBC Website

–  Enter or paste the application number into the Planning Reference field, omitting the MA, eg: 09/1026 and click “search”

–  The application should then appear. Click on the reference number again to find the full details, including supporting documents etc.  These can then be highlighted, viewed and downloaded..

–  you can also submit your own comments there


If you want to know exactly where any property is located, try entering the post code into Google Maps