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Linton Medical Centre Proposal

There is a proposal to build a new medical centre in Linton, to replace the two existing medical practices in Coxheath.

Update 6 July 2018

At the Planning Committee meeting of 5 July 2018 this application was UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED, despite the combined opposition of Coxheath, Linton and Loose parish councils. A webcast of the discussion is available here. Note that only one councillor mentioned environmental concerns at all, and then only to comment on the proposed landscaping arrangements. It would appear to follow from this that policy SP17 of the current Maidstone Local Plan now carries no weight whatsoever. The consequences for Linton and other rural parishes surrounding Maidstone can be imagined: in future, no building proposals will be turned aside on environmental grounds, whatever damage they might cause.

Update 22 February 2018

A planning application has now been submitted. The details can be viewed here. Linton Parish Council has voted to OBJECT to it on several grounds. The letter of objection is visible via the above link, and a copy of it can also be viewed here.

Residents are urged to give the MBC Planning Officers their views, which can be done via the above link.

Update 28 November 2017

The exhibition referred to below has now taken place but at the time of writing, it is unclear if and when a planning application will be submitted. The future of the proposed medical centre on Clockhouse Farm is also unclear. As and when more details are available, this article will be updated.

The Linton Parish Council has not reviewed or discussed the proposal at this stage. However there are concerns about creeping development of the Hill Farm site and of Linton as a whole.

In the meantime, please see the details below. Please note that the leaflet is WRONG – the proposal may be aimed at Coxheath but the site is in LINTON, not Coxheath. It forms part of Hill Farm, previously proposed as a possible “Park and Ride” site, which was overturned on environmental grounds.