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Linton Archivist

Linton Archivist


At a recent Parish Council meeting, David Sendles was appointed as Linton’s first ever Official Linton Archivist –  within living memory, at any rate.

He will act as custodian for a growing collection of photographs, old documents and similar memorabilia relating to Linton, including a large bequest of items from Mary Price. Like our other Parish Officers, he will give a report each year to the Annual Parish Meeting.

David would like to hear from you! Do you have any old documents, or photos, or similar things that relate to Linton?

If so, please get in touch with him. You can email him by clicking on the link above, or telephone him on 01622 745612. You can donate your items to the Linton collection, or if you want them back we can scan them onto a computer and print a facsimile. Either way, the details can be recorded for posterity.

These old pictures are irreplaceable, and they bring the history of Linton to life. Please help, if you can. Dig through that attic, and those old albums!

Another view of Linton Hill c1925. Danell’s general store (Prop: SFG Dann) is on the right, which was demolished and is now Periwinkle bank … and still no traffic!


David Sendles (left) caring for an old boundary stone, put back into the ground where it belongs


David (at right) in the garden of the Bull Inn after completing one of many Linton Boundary Walks

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