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The Friends Meeting House

The first Quakers to preach in Salterforth were William Dewsbury and James Nayler around 1653 and a Meeting known as Broughton was settled soon afterwards. The Meeting covered Salterforth, Kellborough, Earby and Barnoldswick, as well as Broughton. It was recorded in 1665 as part of Skipton Monthly Meeting, and in 1669 as part of Settle Monthly Meeting. Some of its leading members were Robert Clough, Christopher Loftas and Richard Boothman. A Meeting House was acquired in Salterforth in 1678, replaced by a new building, possibly on the same site, in 1715. The Meeting was known as Salterforth from around 1678. Friends continued to hold meetings in their homes for several decades. A Meeting House opened at Dale End in Lothersdale in 1723 and it was around this time that the Meeting became known as Salterforth and Lothersdale. Meetings appear to have ceased completely in Salterforth in 1798 and the Meeting became known simply as Lothersdale. Salterforth Meeting re-formed in 1890, lasting only a decade to 1900, within Brighouse Monthly Meeting.