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Cheltenham Whaddon Bowls Club

Waghorne Friday Triples

After the final round of Pool matches Phil Nelson, Angela Utteridge & Richard Mason headed Pool A, while Julia Honer, Steve Pattenden & Eddie Broughton won Pool B on shot difference. The final was a closely contested match until Eddie and his team manage to pull away in the last 3 ends for the win. Congratulations to them and thanks to everyone who took part this year and made it a very enjoyable competition.

The draw for teams has been made and there will be 15 teams in this year’s Waghorne Triples competition, which will take place on Friday evenings starting on 10 May 2019.

There will be two pools,one comprising 8 teams and another comprising 7 teams, who will play each other once (total of 7/6 matches). The Pools will normally play on alternate Fridays and a full timetable of games and fixture sheets will be made available at the latest by 03 May and will be published here. In the meantime, if your team is in Pool A your first game will be on 10 May, while Pool B teams will play their first game on 17 May.

All games will start at 6.00 pm prompt and will consist of 14 ends, straight in, no trial ends.

You will be expected to pay for all matches (£7 for Pool A, £6 for Pool B) at your first game, rather than week by week, which will save time wasted in chasing subs, especially when a substitute is to play.T

There are 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw. Ties for league position will be decided by shot difference. If still tied, the result between the 2 teams concerned will decide.

The top team in each pool will play the final on Finals Day, Sunday 01 September 2019.

Waghorne's Triples Teams

Pool A Team Pool A Team Members Pool B Team Pool B Team Members


Simon Pearce, Angela Utteridge, Richard Mason


David Hearle, Tudor Morris, Ray Hawkins


Colin Bassett, Ken Aldridge, Malcolm Hodges


Sue Broughton, Jack Cratchley, Brenda Miller


Judd Eastwood, Alan Adams, Jill Whistler


Julia Honer, Steve Pattenden, Eddie Broughton


Pat Hodgson, Jan Bowd, Nigel Kavanagh


Debby Hooper, Dave Hooper, Steve Gilman


Teresa Adams, Pat McGiffie, Don Bailey


David Rose, Bernard Plain, Don Hughes


Veronica Berry, Sue Faulkner, Roger Avery


Peter Robbins, Peter Weir, Andy Todd


Ron Bird, Mike Newman, Peter McGiffie


Doreen Morris, Ramon Riera, John Petchey


Maggie Newman, Carol Savage, Jim Bowd