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March 2020


As I am still out of the country, I am not able to give a first hand report on the Rights of Way.  I can, however, confidently predict that they are wet!

I have replied separately to HCC, copied to Cllr Gibson and Cllr Souter, with regard to the status of the short path between Heathman Street and Church Lane, and my correspondence with the Senior Access Warden and the HCC Mapping Team.  It would appear that this issue is (finally!) close to being resolved.

Action from Feb Meeting: There was an action from the Feb 20 meeting to task the Lengthsman to look at drainage in Bent Street.   I did not receive any more detail on the exact nature or location of this task. I had the previous Lengthsman work on this area two years ago, but he was ultimately thwarted by the fact that the run off ditch here ends in a solid concrete wall next to the stream.  If this is the case again, it might be better to do this through HCC, as it may need more of an engineering solution - i.e. some sort of drain pipe cut through the bridge abutment.  I also had our current Lengthsman clear out the culvert under the bridge earlier in the year, but the flood impact from this tends to be onto Farley Street and the house opposite rather than Bent Street

Lengthsman Tasks carried out in February

Maintain road drain flows: Farley Street the six renewed road drains:  0.5hr

Check and clear surface drains – Bent Street/Farley Street Junction 0.5 hr

Lengthsman Tasks Set for March

Clear leaf fall as required on drain openings along Heathman Street, The Square and Ducks Lane. 1 hr

Check/clear leaf fall from the six newly opened up drains along Farley Street. 0.5 hr

Lengthsman Budget and Forward Look

Up to and including the March tasking, we have spent £1026 of the £1000 annual allocation.  However, taking into account carry forward from FY 18/19, we have come in under budget, and will carry forward £250.25 into the next FY.

Iain James