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Carbon Footprint

The Community Carbon Calculator

A useful application to check the Carbon Footprint of any Parish or Town Council. Such as Nether Wallop.

FAQ's are here. Including discussion of methodology.

Nick Stromberg from Impact says "From a glance, the higher territorial rate in Nether Wallop will be a result of how the A-roads located close to the village are calculated.  There is less of a discrepancy in consumption footprint, but I’d suggest focusing your efforts on these emissions, as these are the ones that local residents will have the most power to change.  If you want a detailed breakdown of how each segment is calculated for territorial/consumption, I refer  you to our methodology paper. This should help to explain most things!"

Compare Household Consumption data of NWPC and OWPC with whole of Test Valley

TVBC -consumption-per-household cf OWPC NWPC.pdf File Uploaded: 15 October 2021 72 KB