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Footpaths (for maps scroll down)


The Parish of Nether Wallop has a large network of Rights of Way, comprising 23 footpaths, one bridleway, and 9 restricted byways. In simple terms, footpaths are for walking; bridleways for walking, horse riding and cycling; and Restricted Byways are for walking, cycling, horse riding and other non-motorised vehicles.  (There is legally a fourth class, Byway Open to All Traffic “BOAT” but Nether Wallop does not have any of these).

A map of the central Parish area is on this site (click on tile 07.16 for the central area of the Village, and 06.16 for Jack's Bush) with our footpaths marked in purple, the bridleway in green, and restricted byways in dotted green. 


The legal duty for recording, signing, and maintaining the Rights of Way lies with Hampshire County Council.  More detail is here:

In practice, the Council has very limited resources, and only carries out clearance of a five nominated Rights of Way in our Parish once a year (usually Aug/Sep).  Routine clearance is therefore carried out, as required, on a voluntary basis by the NWPC Rights of Way Officer, and other volunteer assistants.  Problems should be reported to HCC here:

The NWPC Volunteer Rights of Way Officer (currently a team of volunteers) can be contacted on this email:

Landowner Responsibilities

Landowners (including owners of residential properties that border Rights of Way) must refrain from obstructing rights of way, and are also responsible for keeping back side growth and overhanging vegetation that may be encroaching onto paths.  Maintenance of stiles and gates is also the responsibility of the landowner, but the County Council check that they are safe and easy to use. There is no obligation on a landowner to make allowance for dogs to get through stiles.  More detail on landowner responsibilities is on the HCC Website here: