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Reports Basildon "C"

Billericay C v Corringham & Fobbing B

The last match of the season. Were we due a victory ? NO unfortunately not despite some excellent bowling from our faithful players and winning more of the ends.

We did manage to get one point as Dave Aggio's team levelled their score on the final end.

Rink 1:  Gill, Bob, Dave drew 16-16  on shots and 9-9 on ends

Rink 2 Penny, Tony M , Lynn lost 15-17 on shots but took 10-8 ends  ( one end was lost by 5 which lost the match)

Rink 3: Tony H, John B, Brian lost 14-20 on shots  but drew 9-9 on ends.

I thank all the loyal players and  hope that the new bowlers to the team enjoyed the season and gained experience which will enhance their future playing .


Billericay C v  Wickford B 12th August 2022

Yet another beautiful evening, a welcoming opposition and of course our loyal and willing  players.

It is a shame that our playing is not always reflected in the score as we were once again defeated. :-(

Rink 5 achieved a draw on the last shot of the last end so al least we salvaged one point. They also took 10 of the 18 ends

Rink 6  lost 14-22  while taking 9 of the 18 ends

Rink 7  lost 19-30 taking only 5 ends  although did manage a score of 7 on end 11 and 6 on end 15.

Thank you to the Wickford team who showed patience with our struggling players.

Billericay C v Springhouse 29th July 2022

Another beautiful evening, a welcoming opposition and of course our loyal and enthusiastic players but that was all.

The ground was unpredictable , the toilet facilities not their finest feature and no refreshments at all.

It started on a low note when one player failed to appear  but we seconded a Springhouse player so at least everyone got a game.

Not surprisingly we lost on all rinks 7-20,11-19, 18-21

I expect next season Springhouse will not be in division 4

Billericay C V Hutton Poplars 22nd July 2022

Another beautiful evening, a slightly unpredictable green and of course our team of dedicated, enthusiastic bowlers but this time we secured a win and gained 5 much needed points.

Rink 1 Penny, John B, Brian G won 19-11

Rink 2 Tony, Bob, Lynn lost 22-12

Rink 3 Heather, Mike S, Mike F won 23-7


Billericay C V Corringham and Fobbing C 15th July 2022

A beautiful evening, an excellent green and team of dedicated, enthusiastic bowlers but we still ended on a defeat even though were winning on all rinks through the match. However our new bowlers enjoyed their experience and are keen to return so a win for the sport and support.

Rink 3  James, Tony, Lynn lost 19-22

Heather, Michael, Mike F Lost 17-18 ( end 17 was 17-15)

John B, Tony H, Gill  lost 17-18 ( despite leading at end 12)

Billericay C V Corringham and Fobbing B 8th July 2022

The weather was perfect, the rinks less so and with one new team member failing to turn up due we were on to a loser, and lose we did.

We forfeited one rink and were beaten on the other two . However we were made welcome and they arranged for our depleted team to have a friendly pairs match which the players both enjoyed and gained some valuable experience.


Billericay C v Memorial Park  24th June 2022

Another perfect  evening for bowling, not too hot, not too bright, in the immortal words of the fairy tale, just right.

We welcomed three new players to the team Mr & Mrs Bloomfield and Siobhan Mayor and they agreed they enjoyed the experience contributing some good bowling.

Overall we gained just 2 points ,winning on one rink and losing on the other two.

Rink 4 Michelle, Siohban, Lynn won 23-19  while drawing on ends

Rink 5 Penny, Tony, Mike lost 10-24 winning only 5 ends against a very strong skip !

Rink 6 Shirley, John, Brian Lost 16-18 despite winning 10 of the ends

Billericay C v Wickford B   17th June 2022

A beautiful night, a perfect green ,some excellent playing by a full team but still only 2 points.

Rink 3: Tony B, Bob L, Dave A won 18-15 taking 9 of the ends

Rink 4  Michelle D, Tony M, Lynn M   lost 17-20 despite leading 17-15 on end 17 taking 9 of the ends

Rink 5 Heather S, Mike S, Mike F lost 10-16  taking 7 of the end

We are improving !!!!


Billericay C v Springhouse   3rd June 2022

A night NOT to remember. 

The weather was good, the green running beautifully but one player failed to appear so fortunately Mike Seviour

was able to call upon Tony Boswell who answered the call within 15 minutes .Phew!

At last all rinks were playing. On rink 5 the visitors had  three ends with scores of 7,6 and 5 which established a good lead and while we

came back we were winning by smaller margins. Similar scores happened on the other rinks so we were comprehensively beaten.

Rink 3 Gill, Bob Dave   lost 12-26  taking 7 ends

Rink 4 Mike S, Dave Brian  lost 17-29  taking 10 ends

Rink 5  Tonz B, Tony M, Lynn  lost 14-30 taking  9 ends

Billericay C V Billericay B 27th May 2022

An earlier start, perfect weather conditions and a good  green but an unfortunate loss.

Tony, Bob, Lynn lost 9-22 but took 6 ends

Carol, Dave, Brian lost 14-22 despite leading until end 13  and also taking 6 ends

James, Gill and Dave lost 6-33 but also took 6 ends

Not a good night for Billericay C in terms of points but good in terms of friendship and enjoyment

Billericay C V Corringham and Fobbing B  13th May 2022

Friday 13th unlucky for some ? It was for us. We got beaten on all rinks.

However the conditions were perfect and the opposition friendly

James, Bob and Dave A were on rink 1, not the best rink and lost 6-27

Penny,Tony, Lynn were on rink 2 and lost 14-18 despite being 14-14 on end 16

Carol, Dave Mike were on rink 3 but lost 12-22

Billericay C V Billericay B 6th May 2022

With perfect weather conditions and a slightly heavy green we began our season.

The result was a win for Billericay B although we won on one rink and gained the bonus point so it the points were 3-4.

James, Tony, Brian won 19-8

Penny, Bob, Lynn lost 22-25 despite being 22-22 on end 17

Carol, Dave, Mike lost 15-16 despite being 15-15 on end 17