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Reports Chelmsford "A"

10th August, Away to Stock B - final match of the season, lost on all rinks 0-10 points

David Barrett, David Aggio, John Friend and skip Brian never getting to grips with the rink next to the clubhouse, winning only 5 ends to lose 11-23

Jim, Tony, Roy and Mark after a 6 on end 3, ahead most of the way to drop a decisive 5 on the 16th and lose by one on the last - 17-18

John Jones, Ron, Winston and Ian always struggling, winning 7 ends to lose 8-23


3rd August, home to RHP A - 2 wins and a draw - 9-1 points..

Jim, Tony, Ron and skip Gary always ahead and a good finish running out 27-16 winners.

David Barrett, Ian, John Friend and skip Brian a very close match requiring 2 to dar on the last end - achieved , result 18 all

David Aggio, Ron Winston and Ken Pipe  a close match, 16 all (draw) but the opposition only fielded a triple so a 25% deduction, (minus 4 shots) resulting in a 16-12 win, well done.


27th July , home to Great Baddow, lost on all rinks, 0-10 points (47-67 in shots)

​Many absentees so thanks for the subs coming in.

Jim, David Aggio, Tony and sub skip Rex in a game where almost all the scores were 2 - kept the opposition in touch but slipped at the end, losing 15-20

Steve David Barrett , Ian and skip John Friend, also quite close game losing 16-20

Mike, John Jones, Ron and Winston - some big scores from the opposition resulting in a 16-27 loss.


20th July, away to Writtle, lost 2-8 league points

Pleasant evening after the heat wave, though clouds meant we almost finished the 21 ends in the dark.   A disappointing evening, and in general Writtle bowlers able to bowl more accurate, consistent lines on rinks that had wide and straight sides.

Steve, Ian, John Friend and skip Brian managed to win 9 of the ends but Writtle's winning ends included two 3's, with Billericay rarely having enough woods in the head - a loss of 12- 21

Jim, Tony, Roy and Gary started with a 6, and were ahead most of the match, but Writtle clawed their way back to be 15 all on the 15th, then fell apart as we scored a 5, 4 and 6 to run away 31-16 winners. Crazy game!

Mel, Ron, Dave Aggio, and skip Winston were in touch for much of the game but included having loosing end scores of two 4's, a 5 and a 6  in the score, with an obvious end result - losing 19-31


13th July, away v Tillingham - lost 4-6 league points (won 2 rinks, lost overall shots by 2)

Pleasant warn evening, reasonable green with some bare patches, not easy to be accurate, and excellent hospitality with Alby's sausages.  

Jim, Tony, Roy and skip Gary in a high scoring game with both sides scoring two 4's but Billericay with another 5 and steadily scoring more than Tillingham.   A win, 29-15

Mel, David Barrett, John Friend and skip Brian - a close game with opposition 10-9 ahead at half way.   We then gained a better understanding of the rink and good team work brought us a 19-15 win, despite Tillingham winning the majority of the ends, but nine of their wins were only one shots - well played the team.

Mike, John Jones, Ron and Ian won more ends than Tillingham  but loosing ends to scores of 5, 6 4 and 5 - 20 shots for 4 ends was decisive - loosing 11-31


6th July, home, Burnham Hillside  2-8 league points, 49-60 shots

Pleasant weather  but a shortage of usual team members lead to a reversal of the match played away

Denis Aston, John Jones, Ron Kreamer, skip Ken Pipe lost 11-27

Steve, David Aggio, David Barrett and John Friend lost 15-26

Jim, Tony, Roy and skip Gary maintained their form and thrashed their opponents 24-7 - well done


29th June, home v Maldon, won 10-0

Pleasant evening, reversing the recent away defeat by Maldon to win on all rinks 10-0.  Well done and thanks to two reserves (Ian and John J) turning up just in case...........          Billericay winning the last 3 ends on all rinks shows our concentration, especially playing in near darkness with the new clubhouse floodlight glaring onto the green.

Jim, Tony, Roy and skip Gary seemingly winning comfortably 17-9 at 13 ends but visitors fighting back to 21 all at 19th.  The last three ends were ours so a 24-21 win. 

Mike Field, Mel Terry, Winston and Ken Pipe had a very close game - 11 all at 12th end, 19 all at 19th so an excellent win by 21-19 - very well done.

Steve, David Aggio, John Friend and skip Brian were always ahead aided by a 6 on end 7. Steady progress by all the team provided a 23-13 winning score.


23rd June, Atkinson Cup , away t Great Baddow, lost by just two shots overall, 57-59

Wonderful weather, good entertainment and refreshments and the result effected by non-appearance of David Goodall, no 3 to Ron.

Mike Field, David Barrett (last day sub), and Ron, had to reduce to a triple and their score being reduced by -25% didn't help though they all tried hard - net 8-27 loss.

The usual team of Jim, Tony, Roy and skip Gary had a very close match - 15 all at 15 ends then 20 all at 20 ends.  Some excellent bowling on the last meant the lead changing hands several times but we came out top by a single bowl - 21-20.

Steve, Mel, Ian and skip Brian on the difficult end rink adapted well and pulled away to a 27-9 lead by the 19th end and being the last rink in play appreciated the overall match result was close. Sadly the home side scored 3 on the 20th, which meant we needed a 3 on the last to draw level overall   With the last bowl, Gt Baddow were holding 2 adjacent to the jack but Brian managed to split these for a single shot, however not enough, only winning by 28-12.  If only.............!


15th June v Maldon, away, lost 0-10

Beautiful evening, good speed green , albeit very different green needed on the two hands - something Billericay bowlers seemed slow to adapt to and the home players took advantage. Thanks to David Barrett for turning out at short notice.

Jim, Tony, Roy and Gary had a close game, but dropped 4's on the 15th and 17th ends, and though clawing a 4 back on the 19th to draw level, only to loose on the last end with an away 3.   Lost by one shot - 21-22

Steve, David Barrett, Ian and Brian, bad start with 1-10 down after 6 ends and always about 5 shots down for much of the match - eventually loosing 15-22

John Jones, David Aggio and Winston, hampered being a man down, always behind and dropped a 6 on the 11th end to loose 12-28 


8th June v Burnham Hillside, Away,  won 8-2 league points.

A bright evening and excellent rink condition, friendly opposition and great sausage hot dogs - add a win and it was an excellent night.

Jim, Tony, Roy and skip Gary had a very close game, 9 all at ten ends; 16 all at 17 ends then winning a four sealed the game 23 -17 at 21 ends, for the first defeat of the season for Burnham.

Ian, John Jones, ( replacement on the day), John Friend and skip Brian were also close throughout - 10 all at 10 ends, 13 all at 13; one shot up at 16 then a strong finish to win 21-18.   A little scare on the last with Burnham holding many shots but an unfortunate trip by their number 3 sent the jack flying whilst about to measure - and their 3 wasn't enough.

Mel, David Aggio, Ron and Winston were ahead 12-9 at half way but loosing the next 6 ends to go 8 behind was unfortunate. However a strong finish left us only 3 behind at the end - a 19-22 defeat.  Well done team as this good finish helped us win the overall score - 63- 57 


1st June - v Tillingham, Home - won 6-4 league points

A pleasant evening and the threatening rain kept away. We scraped a win by an overall shot score on one!

Jim, Dave Aggio, Roy and Gary, in good form and led well - a crucial 5 on the 17th boosted the final winning score to 26-6

Mike Field, Mel, Ron and David Godall, (first time as skip) performed well just 7-9 down after the 11th end but successive losses of a 4 and 3 on ends 14 and 15 didn't help and the result was a 12-17 loss.

Steve, John Jones, John Friend and skip Brian faced a good team and made things worse by all not playing at their best. In mid game, loosing 7 consecutive ends led to 4-22 deficit by the 16th and the team behind overall.  A 3 and a 1 on the last 2 ends saved the day so the 8-22 loss meant a one shot overall victory for the 4 bonus points.


30th May, v Stock B, home, won 8-2 league points - this the re-arranged washed out first match of the season.  Just 45 minutes before the match start Ron Kreamer became unavailable, and fortunately Mike Field stepped up to sub: then at 5 minutes to the start,  Winston arrived dressed as a  spectator so had to play without club dress or his own bowls.  

Jim, Dave Aggio, Roy and Gary, a comfortable win on this dark but no rain evening - 24-10

Ian, Winstone, Steve and skip Brian won the first 5 ends albeit with single shots. By the 11th end we were 12-2 up but the opposition had a run of 4 ends and 10 shots with the mat well up, confusing out side badly.  The 16th end was 13 all but we gained a 3 on the 17, running out 16-14 winners.

Mike Field, Mel, David Goodall and sub skip Rex had a really close game  and did well to be 9 all at half way, and 14 all after 15 ends. Their opponents scored 2 on the last to snatch victory - the score 15-16.  Well done and thanks for Rex filling in at short notice.


25th May  v Writtle B, home, won 8-2 league points

Black clouds threatened but somehow no rain, though the light dictated that we would only play 18 ends.  For the second week in succession two winning rinks just managed to cancel out the losing rink so we won overall by 3 shots.  Two rinks score cards were incorrectly completed - I had to use the opposition cards to complete the league submitted sheet - skips must pay more attention to this. 

Jim, Tony, Roy and skip Gary were 17-13 up after 13 ends but the visitors scored 8 in 3 ends to bring the game closer. We then got back on course and won 22-11.

Ian, John Jones, John Friend and skip Brian had a close game but were always a little ahead.  There were some poor heads by both sides on the troublesome rink 2 but we won 16-13

Winston, Mike Field, Ron and skip  Ken Pipe were defeated 11-21 but did well to keep the opposition in sight to ensure we gained the overall score.

18th May, v Great Baddow, away - won 8-2 league points

Lovely weather evening, and a good win despite three subs; one player short and excellent hosts afterwards with great sausages!  

Jim, David Aggio, Tony and skip Gary were 6-5 up after 6 ends then allowed their opponents only two more single shot ends - well played and a 22-7 victory.

Ian, Steve Nichols, John Friend and skip Brian always ahead despite a strange rink with some wandering against the bias and with three 4's, built a good lead, winning 25-10

John Jones, Ron and skip Winston, were the short team with David Goodall apologising for a date mix up.  We won just four single shot ends , so at least only lost one shot when conceding 25%.  A loss of 4-31, but Billericay still just won the overall score 51- 48

11th May , v RHP - lost 2-8 league points

Some light rain, wet clothes on, but it gradually dried out to a pleasant evening, though slow rinks.  Won on one rink and missed a second by just one shot, a missed opportunity - overall 40-52 in shots

Jim, Tony, Roy and skip Gary  always ahead and in control, never loosing more than 2 shots an end.  Won 18-11 

John Friend, Steve, Ian and Brian started well, after 7 ends 9-2 up.  However we often had few woods in the head and the opposition gradually pinned us back to 11 all on the 16th. Unfortunately we then contributed to their shot count and just failed to recover, losing 12-13

Mel, John Jones, Ron and Winston were well beaten, winning 6  ends but conceding 2 fours and 3 threes to loose 10-28


4th May v Stock B - wash out!  

First match, rained most of the afternoon then a downpour at 5:30 - rink squelchy and agreement with opposition that it is unplayable.  All retired to the club house for refreshments and though it brightened up at 7, possibly even playable, it was too late. To be re-arranged.