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Again another lovely sunny afternoon to play bowls, because it was

so hot before the match we agreed to play 15 ends.

Michelle, Dee and Val picked up 4 shots on the first end only for the opposition to

pick up the next 4 shots, and at end 7 we were all square on 8 shots each, after

that we picked up our game and ended on a convincing win 23 - 9

Carol, Wyn and Jenny never looked in fear of loosing and had a win 21 - 7

another lovely 6 points well done Ladies




What a lovely morning to play bowls and how sensible we were to choose to

only play reduced ends.

Michelle, Dee and Val  started the first end winning 3 shots and never looked back by 11 ends Danbury had  only 

scored 3 shots but they managed to get another shot on the 12th end with us winning 16 - 4 we all played well.

On the other rink Lynn, Wyn and Jenny they were also doing well at 8 ends they were 8 - 4 up but then at 10 ends all was equal at 9 all

but we got lucky and scored another 5 with a final score of 14 - 10 well done all.



way to Lionmede 18th May on a very heavy green

Well done Carol, Christine and Val who won 17 - 13

and commiserations to Jean, Wyn and Jenny who unfortunately got stuck on 13 losing 13 - 23

2 points away is still good.