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A new facility, entitled TEAMS, is now in place on our website to help with the management of the various friendly matches that take place each season.

Lynn and Catherine are administering the match details and player selections, and below are notes to help members record their interest in playing.

If you experience any problems with the new facility please let either Lynn, Catherine or Mike Yates know.


Club members can review the current list of TEAMS and flag those they are interested in playing

Club members sign on to Rink Diary and click the TEAMS menu item.
The current matches (friendlies) available to members are displayed.
Clicking View will display the match details and status.
The member’s name is automatically entered into the left hand columns.
The small tick box can be clicked on/off. ‘On’ signalling an interest in playing.
The orange box can be used to show a play position preference (E.G.  1,2,3,S)
Clicking Save  (If changes have been made) updates the TEAMS entry.


Emails sent to selected players

The TEAMS Manager may send an email to all the selected players.


Players then confirm they are OK to play

The YES and NO boxes on the email can be used to automatically update the TEAMS entry
*** The reply is automatically set on the TEAMS form ***


Club members sign on to Rink Diary and click the TEAMS menu item.

Clicks ....
-    View on the relevant TEAMS panel.
-    Y/N in green column to confirm able to play and select YES (or NO)
-    SAVE

If unable to play, click Y/N in green column and select NO and SAVE
*** Please also let Team Manager know if you are unable to play ***