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Officers and Committee


Position .


Eddie Dennison

Club Captain

Catherine Barrett

Club Secretary

Brian Hyland


Jenny Hyland

Men's Captain

Eddie Dennison

Ladies Captain

Lynn Martin

Competition Secretary

Michelle Dixon

Ladies Representative

Sandra Nichols

Social Secretary

Heather Steggles and Siobhan Mayor

Club Match Secretary

Jim Collins

Additional Committee Members

Chris White, Michael Yates, Tony Dalton

Other Officers

Position .

Mens Vice Captain

Brian Hyland

Ladies Vice Captain

Sandra Nichols

County Delegate (Men)

Brian Hyland

County Delegate (Ladies)

Jenny Hyland

C&D Delegate

Jim Collins, Brian Hyland, John Friend

Bwd & Dist Delegates

Eddie Dennison and Tony Dalton

Bas & Dist Delegates

Brian Hyland, Norman Bunce

CMBL Delegate

Tony Dalton

Selectors (Additional Mens Selector)

Rex Hobbs


Michael Yates

Green Ranger

Jim Collins


Brian Hyland and Sandra Nichols

Non Officer Position

Position .


Ian Burridge