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January 2020

Rights of Way:


Paths are generally passable, although obviously muddy, with the exception of the western end of Splash - Ducks Lane footpath which is experiencing its normal season flooding, and (as at 2 Jan) is under water.


I have submitted the HCC Contractor List for the coming year (usually takes place in the autumn).  This year I have focused entirely on the Restricted Byways between the B3084 and Hollom Down Road/A343.


I am dealing with the HCC Rights of Way officer direct with regard to a problem listed as "Obstruction" on FP17 (Aylwards Way - Church Hill) that has appeared on the HCC Mapping.




I submitted one Flytipping report for dumped mattress at the eastern end of RB 35 (Drove Road opposite Bent Street) which was quickly removed by TVBC.




In January, 2.5 hours were expended on road drain/grip clearance on Heathman Street, Hollom Down Road, and The Square.  This was timely givien the high ground water levels now being experienced, particularly in the Flood Zone 3 area  in the south of the Village.  Cllrs should note that the excellent work carried out around the Wisdom Lane/Heathman Street junction was carried out by a local resident.


Total expenditure this FY is now £978.50 (although there was some carry forward from FY18/19 to offset this).  I have yet to be asked to submit tasks for Feb, but unless directed otherwise, will focus on the road drains in the Flood Zone where there is a risk to property.