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May 2019


The RoW Officer has met with the new Lengthsman team, and run thorough the scope of the work likely to come their way in Nether Wallop.

Mr Mark Lovell carried out a really excellent cut of the Spring Pond drove road (RB 34); the current dry conditions allowed him to cut the whole length with his mower, which is a real bonus going forward into the summer growing season.

Another instance of flytipping at the Hollom Down Road end of RB 34 was reported has been reported to TVBC.  In this instance there was some evidence of where this material might have originated which is now being followed up by TVBC.

The ROW officer will replace a damaged treadboard on a stile on FP 23 (north of the A343) using material provided by HCC.

Stile Problems: Footpath Wallop Primary School – A343 

The RoW officer has spoken to the Clerk of OWPC, who indicates that OW will task its Lengthsman to carry out additional repairs on two of the stiles on OW FP7 (the northern end of the footpath running from the primary school to the A343 bus stop).  This issue has also now been raised by the Romsey Ramblers, which claims to be carrying out some sort of “investigation”, although it has been confirmed that this is not on behalf of any authority.

Lengthsman Tasks set for May

Strimming of new growth on FP 2 – 7 (Wisdom Lane/Knockwood Lane/School Lane), FP 19 (Splash – Ducks Lane), sightline clearance at Five Bells Lane/B3084 cross roads and Hollom Down Road/A343 junctions, and a “first pass” clearance of the Rill.

Probably to include further sight line work, and a first pass clearance of one of the Restricted Byways west of the B3084 Romsey Road.

Lengthsman Budget

Our outgoing Lengthsman invoiced for 54 hours work in the full FY 18/19 against a possible maximum of 57 hours.   This year we have only 52.5 hours as the charging rate has increased, however this month’s work will be funded from FY 18/19 carry forward.

Iain James