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Maltravers Outdoor BC,


Saturday 20th July - Annual Mixed Ladies Captain v Mens Captain.

8 teams of triples ended up with the Ladies Captain side securing a substantial overall win, (73 shots - 49), with 3 of the teams winning for Captain Sue Dyball. Top scoring team was Alex Stavrou, Geoff Stanmore and Doreen Briggs with a score of 24 shots to 14.

The other match ended up in a draw 13 shots each with Mens Captain Tony Marks his team consisted of Maz Howe, Linda Hart and Tony himself.

Top scoring teams won a bottle of wine each and the afternoon concluded with a lovely salad served up by Evelyn McNaught and Lesley Ball.

Saturday 13th July saw the Annual Lady Champion V Mens Champion

Jackie Jones v Alan Howe had an exciting game where Alan took the lead early on but Jackie gave him a scare by coming back  - end result was 21 shots to Alan 12 to Jackie.

This was followed by our annual Cameron Trophy Triples where teams play a round of 6 ends then play another game 4 times

Running total and the winners decided by the team with highest shot difference.

Runners up went to Tony Jones, Sue Dyball and Jackie Jones with + 13 shots 

Congratulations to winning trio April Mitchell, husband and wife Janet and Arthur Denyer with  + 16 shots win



Successful Day for Vice President  Evelyn McNaught winning overall 73 shots to 65.

Game was played as triples with 8 teams.

Top Rink for Vice  Captain's Team Terry Carline, Maz  Howe and Yvonne Kirkby-Bott 30 shots to 12.

Top rink for President Dave Dyball was Mark Boltwood, Geoff Stanmore and Brenda  Coller with a score of 21 shots to 15.

The 2 top rink teams  were awarded with etched Maltraver glasses as a lovely memento after a great spread of baguettes, pork pies, scotch eggs with trimmings and a fruit flan.



8 Teams of Triples - 3 Games each of 6 ends.

Winning Team with a difference of + 18 shots Paul Alexander, Graham Tongeman and Shirley Hull - given a bottle of wine each.



This started with a Spider where Maz Howe got nearest the jack, winning a bottle of whiskey.

This fun afternoon consisted of 5 teams of triples and 3 teams of pairs, as unfortunately 3 people could not make it.

5 games with 4 ends in each, consisting of:

Game 1 - 2 ends normal hand bowling,2 ends other hand bowling - this caused a few laughters as people tried to assess stance and bowling.

Game 2 - Each Player took turns in playing all positions of the team ie Skip, No 2 and Lead.

Game 3  - Winning Bowls nearest the jack behind or level on the first 2 ends and then nearest or level in front of the jack

Game 4 - Bowls played before Jack is cast ... 

Game 5 - Version of Crown Green Bowls - again causing a lot of fun 

This was played against different teams on each game with a running total.

Winner of this was Tony Marks, Paul Alexander and Georgina Oakley with a fantastic win of + 18.

A big Thank You to Mens Captain Tony Marks for organising this event

Picture of winning trio in Gallery


FRIDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER The second round of Ladies v Men was played on a lovely sunny afternoon

Another day with plenty of good humour and fun consisting of 6 teams of rinks and 2 teams of Triples.

Once again the men hammered the women winning overall 78 shots to 39.

All 4 men teams won with their top rink going to triples team Terry Carline, Brian  Denyer and Geoff Stanmore with a win of 24 - 7

April Mitchell with her ladies consisting of Shirley Hull, Judith Hearn and Georgina Oakley secured best rink for the Women with a score of 11 - 15.