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Maltravers Outdoor BC,

Winter 2018/2019

Throughout the winter of 2018/19 Maltravers played several Indoor games of Bowls.

Bearing in mind only a few members play this game in the winter we can hold our heads high in the knowledge we gave our various opponents a good game.

First game was against Worthing Indoor Bowls Club at Field Place on 3rd October 2018.

We played 5 rinks - with one winning rink - Skip Bob Read with his players Jean Sheldon, Robin Feasey and Colin Smale score 25 - 8.

Overall was a loss of 118 - 79, but a good afternoon enjoyed by all.


Second game was against Arun on 21st November 2018, again 5 rinks played, 3 losing.

 Bob Read with Jean Sheldon, Matthew Thain and Colin Smale drew on their rink 12 all, and Alan Howe, Alex Stavrou, David Dyball and Linda Hart  winning 17 shots to 15.

Overall score unfortunately was a bigger loss than the previous game - 55 shots to Arun's 115.


Our next game on 24th November 2018 was an annual match, commencing this year, Maltravers against our  neighbours Norfolk.

Worthing Indoor Bowls Club have very kindly offered their venue for this event to whom we thank very much.

Lovely afternoon was held with a lot of good banter and fun.

Thanks to Norfolk for donating a shield for this - the Ian Hart Trophy.

Maltravers hold this title for the first year as we won overall 95 shots to 88.

5 rinks played again 3 of which won - top rink going to skip Colin Smale, Ernie Denyer,  Yvonne Kirkby-Bott and Paul Alexander with a great score of 27 shots to 11.

Well done one and all

Captain Jean Sheldon collecting the Trophy from Ray Hills Captain Jean Sheldon collecting the Trophy from Ray Hills
Maltravers Winning Team Maltravers Winning Team