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The Council currently maintains 3 allotment sites which are situated at Cemetery Lane, Piece Hedge and Springvale.  The first 2 sites are owned by the Council, the site at Springvale is occupied under the terms of a lease issued by Cotswold District Council.  The Committee is responsible for arranging maintenance of the grassed areas, overseeing plot renewals and reallocations, and all matters relating to the provision of amenities such as water, manure bays etc. 

Cemetery Lane

This site is situated adjacent to the Cemeteries with vehicular access off of Cemetery Lane.  There are 74 half plots at this site, for which there is good and regular demand.

Piece Hedge

There are 13 half plots on this site, which is situated off the public footpath which runs from Moore Rd through to the footpath at the junction of the Primary School and St Lawrence’s Church.  There is no vehicular access to this site.


The site is situated at the plot of land formed by the junction of the A429 and Station Rd, and has vehicular access via the footpath off of Springvale. There are 10 half plots at this site which was opened in 2011, it having previously been fallow land in the ownership of Cotswold District Council.  It’s understood that in the past this land was used by local residents who wished to keep pigs.

The land is currently let by CDC to the Parish Council under the terms of a 7 year lease.  The initial lease was renewed with effect 1st May 2018 and will normally run until May 2025.  However, there is a break clause in this lease which may be triggered in the event that it is required by CDC for housing development.  This clause may only be triggered after May 2020, and the Council will update residents as or when anything changes in this respect.


Any plot vacancies will be advertised on this web-site and on the Council’s social media posts in order to avoid plots laying empty for any length of time.  When all plots are let, residents of Bourton may register on the Council’s Waiting List by phoning the Council office.

Allotment Rents and Rules

Rents and Rules are reviewed annually and the current fees for 2023 are £22 per half plot. The rules applicable to each of the 3 sites can be viewed via the attachments below: