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Village Environment

Agendas - Village Environment Committee meeting agendas can be viewed here.

Minutes - Village Environment Committee meeting minutes can be viewed here.

Committee Members

  • Cllr. B Hadley (Chairman)
  • Cllr. J Jowitt (Vice-Chairman)
  • Cllr. S Coventry
  • Cllr. A Davis
  • Cllr. L Launchbury
  • Cllr. A Roberts
  • Cllr. J Wareing

The Village Environment Committee has responsibility for inspecting, maintaining and improving, where possible, all of the Council’s land assets, with the exception of the play areas and the Community Centre building which are administered by separate committees.

The Committee’s terms of reference are contained within the Council’s Scheme of Delegation policy and can be viewed separately in the attachment at the bottom of the page.

An Environmental Action Working Group has been established whose primary role is to involve interested residents, to develop strategies for proactively improving the village environment. The Working Group reports to the Village Environment Committee each month.

Further information on the different areas of responsibility are available on the following links:



Environmental Action Working Group

Village Maintenance


Click on the attachment below to view the Terms of Reference for the Village Environment Committee:

Terms of Reference File Uploaded: 1 April 2021 256.2 KB