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Additional Financial information can be found on the following pages:

Each year the Council establishes its budget for the following financial year.  As part of this exercise, the Council also sets its precept for the year ahead. This is the sum paid over to the Parish Council by each household as a proportion of the total annual Council Tax payment which is collected from residents by CDC.

DRAFT Budget-Precept-Investment Statement 2023-24

At its meeting on 25th January 2023, the Parish Council approved its budget and precept for the year 2023-24, the precept being the share of money each household pays to the Parish Council to help fund services and amenities provided (eg the local Cemeteries, play areas, allotment sites, Community Centre etc). In 2023-24 the Council approved a precept of £182,241. This money will be collected from the 1,764.2 contributing local households. This means that the amount of money a Band D household will pay in 2023-24 to the Parish Council to maintain its assets and provide local services will be £103.29 pa. This year’s precept therefore represents an increase of just over 33p a month (over ten months) compared to 2022-23. This money will be collected by CDC for onward forwarding to the Parish Council, and the sum will be shown within the breakdown of taxes on each household’s annual Council Tax bill.

The Council’s budget for 2023-24 has been put together with a view to ensuring we can maintain services to the parish in the light of rising costs for all products and services.  New projects have been kept to a minimum in order to keep the budget at a similar level as for 2022-23.  In addition, the Parish Council will draw £10,000 from General Reserves to balance the budget.  This year’s budget will provide funding for a small celebration to mark the King’s Coronation, the continuation of Play Rangers after-school activities and Youth Club sessions, small grants for local organisations and to provide a sufficient contingency in the case of emergency repairs and other unexpected costs.

The Council is required, by law, to set aside a certain sum in General Reserves in order to be able to respond to emergencies – the level of funds that must be set aside are reviewed annually with reference to its responsibilities at that time. This is subject to approval by the external auditors. General Reserves have been reviewed and set at appropriate levels for 2023-24.

Refer to CDC web-site for full details of all Council Tax payments for each local council in the Cotswold District.

Details of the Council's approved budget for the next financial year can be viewed via the relevant attachment below.