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Additional Financial information can be found on the following pages:

Each year the Council establishes its budget for the following financial year.  As part of this exercise, the Council also sets its precept for the year ahead. This is the sum paid over to the Parish Council by each household as a proportion of the total annual Council Tax payment which is collected from residents by CDC.

Budget-Precept Statement 2020-21

At its meeting on 9th January 2020, the Parish Council approved its budget and precept for the year 2020-21, the precept being the share of money each household pays to the Parish Council to help fund services and amenities provided by it (eg the local Cemeteries, play areas, allotment sites, Community Centre etc). In 2020-21 the Council approved a precept of £162,261. This money will be collected from the 1,794 contributing local households. This means that the amount of money a Band D household will pay in 2020-21 to the Parish Council to maintain its assets will be £90.44 pa. This money will be collected by CDC for onward forwarding to the Parish Council, and the sum will be shown within the breakdown of taxes on each household’s annual Council Tax bill. 

The Council’s responsibilities continue to increase (for example, the Council is taking over responsibility for organising the hanging baskets and Christmas displays following disbanding of the Chamber in 2018), however the Council is still very mindful of the difficult general financial climate and the challenges facing the many families in the district who are on low incomes. This year’s precept therefore represents an increase of £0.61 per month.

The Council’s budget for 2020-21 makes provision for a number of projects (such as the hanging baskets/Christmas displays, additional youth provision, provision of new recreation equipment for the village, maintenance of anti-speeding equipment etc). However, it also provides for funding a number of works that are required to maintain its assets (e.g. War Memorial boundary wall, further roof works at the Community Centre etc). These are unavoidable maintenance costs which are the natural result of Council’s ownership of various assets around the village, many of which are in need of repair as a result of their age.

The Council is also required, by law, to set aside a certain sum as a contingency fund in order to be able to respond to emergencies – the level of funds that must be set aside are reviewed annually with reference to its responsibilities at that time, and are set out in the annual Reserves Risk Assessment which is subject to approval by the external auditors. Reserves have been reviewed and set at appropriate levels for 2020-21.

Refer to CDC web-site for full details of all Council Tax payments for each local council in the Cotswold District.

Investment Strategy

Various factors have led to the delayed implementation of the Council’s earlier decision to implement its Investment Strategy and invest funds in 2018-19, including the following:

  • A mid-year decision to reduce Reserve Levels in order to free up funds to complete projects in 2019-20;
  • Ongoing delays in receiving outstanding income associated with a tenant lease;

In light of the those issues, as well as forthcoming staff changes which will impact on the new staff’s ability to undertake an additional workload associated with the investing and monitoring of funds, and uncertainties surrounding Brexit, it was agreed not to invest funds in 2019-20. The Council’s Investment Strategy will be reviewed again in 1 year and a new decision made regarding investments, at that time.

Adopted 6th March 2019

Details of the Council's approved budget for the next financial year can be viewed via the relevant attachment below.