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Agendas - Staffing Committee meeting agendas can be viewed here.

Minutes - Staffing Committee meeting minutes can be viewed here.

Committee Members

  • Cllr. A Roberts (Chairman)
  • Cllr. L Hicks (Vice Chairman)
  • Cllr. B Hadley
  • Cllr. J Jowitt
  • Cllr. J Wareing

This committee is responsible for ensuring the Council acts as a good employer and is compliant with employment legislation including:-

  • Ensuring that the Council is adequately staffed to meet its requirements and make decisions regarding staffing levels;
  • Ensuring that the Council complies with employment law and that working conditions are of an acceptable standard;
  • Ensuring that appropriate training is made available and completed;
  • Undertaking an annual appraisal of the Clerk and receiving/considering the Clerk’s appraisal of all other staff;
  • Making decisions on all matters associated with staff salaries, pensions and income tax;
  • Reviewing staff contracts annually or as required and making changes, as required;
  • Administering the disciplinary and grievance procedure if required;
  • Making recommendations to Council re staff appointments or terminations;


The Council is required to display a copy of its current Employers' Liability Certificate.  The Council is currently insured with Aviva, and a copy of the Certificate which is effective 1st October 2022 is available below:

Click on the attachment below to view the Terms of Reference for the Staffing Committee:

Terms of Reference File Uploaded: 16 November 2021 55.7 KB