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The Council publishes draft minutes from Council meetings immediately after each meeting in order to let residents have information on discussions at the earliest opportunity, rather than wait for minutes to be approved the following month.  We trust this will be helpful, but residents are reminded that these are draft minutes only and could, in some instances, be subject to amendment.

The Council, as always, meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm, in the Windrush Room at the George Moore Community Centre.  These meetings enable the Council to consider the administration of any business relating to the parish in which it has statutory power to act.

To assist these discussions the meetings adopt the same format each month, namely monthly reports from committees, consideration and approval of their recommendations, together with reporting of correspondence and discussion of current projects.

Members of the public are invited and welcome to attend all monthly meetings.  It is usual for Councils to set aside some time for those attending to comment or put questions and in this respect there is a slot for Public Questions at the beginning and end of each meeting.  The Police are invited to attend our meetings and one member of our local team is usually present to give a brief report and to also answer any questions the public may have at the beginning of each meeting.  

The agenda for each monthly meeting is posted on the Council's notice-boards (on the grassed area in front of the Dial House, and in the Community Centre), as well as on the Council's website and social media pages, on the Friday before each meeting and this will let residents know in advance which topics are to be discussed.  

Agendas for Full Council Meetings

Go to our Agendas page to view details of upcoming meetings.

Minutes for Full Council Meetings

Go to our Minutes page to view details of recent meetings.

Correspondence Lists for Full Council Meetings

Go to our Correspondence page to view lists of correspondence received by Council.

Schedule of Council & Committee Meetings 

The Council has established various committees to operate during this term of office - Planning; Village Environment; Youth & Well-being; Highways; Community Centre, Finance & General Purposes and Staffing. The meeting dates for each committee and full Council are shown on the schedule of meetings document attached below and on the Calendar page of the website.

Annual Parish Meeting

There is also an annual assembly of the Parish, at which the Chairman of Council gives a report on the previous year’s activities, and then leads a Questions and Answers session. This meeting provides a greater opportunity for residents to discuss local issues with Council members in a more informal setting. This meeting must take place between 1st March and 1st June each year.  


The Annual Parish Meeting for 2023 was held on Wednesday 22nd March at 7pm in the Windrush Room. The draft minutes of the meeting can be viewed on the relevant attachment below.


The Annual Parish Meeting for 2022 was held on Wednesday 30th March. The minutes of the meeting can be viewed on the relevant attachment below.


The Annual Parish Meeting for 2021 was held on Thursday 29th April at 7pm via Zoom. The minutes of the meeting and the reports presented are attached below.


The Annual Parish Meeting for 2020 which was due to be held on Thursday 19th March was cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak and NALC subsequently confirmed that there was no requirement to hold an annual meeting for this year.