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Alton Papers

Alton Papers 11 - 20

Here is a list of nos 11 - 20 issues of Alton Papers. You can click on the cover images or the issue titles to open pages that give a summary of the chapters, the prices and the availability. Please note that we do not reprint an issue after it has sold out, therefore if the an issue is marked "Limited Stock" please contact Jane Hurst (via CONTACT page) first. Reference copies of all issues are available to view at the Curtis Museum.

You can buy copies of the Alton Papers at the Curtis Museum or, if you wish to have them sent to you, please go to our How to Order page. If you have any enquiries, please contact Jane Hurst via the CONTACT page.

INDEX: Alton Papers 11 - 20 (2007 - 2016)

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Alton Papers, no. 11 (2007)

John Hale & Sons, Wheelwrights & Coachbuilders of Alton.

Wykeham House School, Kings Road, Alton.

An Italianate Tomb at East Tisted, Hampshire.

Alton's Eccentric Professor, A W Bickerton - 1842-1929

Alton Papers, no. 12 (2008) Out of pint

Did Edmund Spenser Live Here?

John Butler Harrison, 1739-1767

The Fighting Cocks

Reg. Kemp’s memories, 1999

Main Roads Around Alton. Part 1: The Arrival of the Turnpikes

Alton Papers, no. 13 (2009)

Mary Woodforde’s Booke - between the Lines

Main Roads around Alton. Part 2: The Death of the Turnpikes

A Perambulation of Medstead in 1744

The Clockmakers of Alton

Life in Alton in 1859

Alton Papers, no. 14 (2010) Out of print

Emigration, Alton to New Zealand, 1841-1844

One Hundred Years of Living at The Butts

The End of the Butts Tollhouse

An Assessment of Alton Congregational Church during the Edwardian Era, 1901-1914

The Death of King Edward VII

Alton Papers, no. 15 (2011)

The Allen Gallery

All Saints’ Church, Alton: The Bells

A 1920s Childhood in Alton

Fire at Anstey, 16 August 1905

Everything of the Best - the Early Days of Alton’s Picture Palace

Amery Farm - Home of Jean Stevenson (née Lerwill) for 47 Years

Emigration, Alton to New Zealand - a Footnote

Alton Papers, no. 16 (2012)

Norfolk House, 93/95 High Street, Alton

The Gibsons and Holybourne

Wyck, and William Wickham

Early Days at the Cottage Hospital

Odds and Ends - Cricket, and the Alton Recreation Ground

Alton Papers, no. 17 (2013)

Fisher’s Camp, Holybourne, 1948-1950

Life at Fisher’s Camp, Holybourne

The Studio, Church Street, Alton, July 1932-December 1933

Ruth Tiplin (née Pike)

The Andrews/Chawton Connection

Alton Papers, no. 18 (2014)

Ernest George Horlock V.C.: an Alton Hero Remembered

Chawton’s Part in the Boer War

Hill House, 1 High Street, Alton

Alton’s Breweries in 1974

Alton Papers, no. 19 (2015)

A Noisy Gang of Rascals - the Belgian Refugees of WWII

The Origins of the Knight Coat of Arms & 2 Grants of Their Arms

Chawton House in the mid-1600s, and Azariah Husbands

No.4 High Street, Alton - The Old House

Odds and Ends: the Funeral of Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Mulvaney

Alton Papers, no. 20 (2016)

Sweet Fanny Adams Revisited: What’s in a Name?

Jane Austen’s Apothecary - William Curtis

The Centenary of the Battle of Jutland

Normandy Street School, Alton

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