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Alton Papers

Alton Papers, no. 14

Alton Papers Alton Papers, no. 14

Publication Date: 2010

Cost: Out of print (available to view at Curtis Museum)


  • Emigration, Alton to New Zealand, 1841-1844
    Author: John Batten
    Twenty nine families left the Alton area for New Zealand in 1841 and helped start the settlement of Nelson. The surnames were: Hebberd, Holland, Kate, Matthew, Neal, Roil, Windibank, King, Norgate, Winter, Cook, Garnett, Gibbs, Marsh, Newman, Lunn, Eyles, Holdaway, Lee, Randall, Scutter, Wells, Cresswell, Lawson, North, White and Hughes. The people left Alton, Bentworth, Chawton, Farringdon, Froyle, Lasham, Medstead, Shalden and Wield - probably never to return.
  • One Hundred Years of Living at The Butts
    Author: Christine Weeks
    Christine’s Hale family were wheelwrights who bought a plot of land at The Butts in 1875. The story follows the building of their two houses here and their connections with the Grovers, Pikes and Carpenters.
  • The End of the Butts Tollhouse
    Author: Jane Hurst
    The Bagshot to Winchester turnpike ceased on 1 January 1872 and this this led to the sale of the tollhouse at The Butts - well its building materials anyway. Find out what really happened.
  • Promoting “Spiritual Health”: An Assessment of Alton Congregational Church during the Edwardian Era, 1901-1914
    Author: Roger Ottewill
    This article follows the progress of the church and looks at those who were important in its day-to-day running - Samuel Charles Hunt, Robert Rumney Day, Walter Merrett and his father William. Later, Charles Archer, James B Longman and William Boggust feature alongside Revs Humphrey Davis and Harry Lewis.
  • The Death of King Edward VII
    Author: Jane Hurst
    On 6 May 1910, King Edward VII died. The funeral was held two weeks later and Alton held its own tribute with many local organisations taking part.