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Alton Papers

Other Publications

Here is a list of other publications by some of the authors connected with the Alton Papers, with links to dedicated pages that summarise the contents. Please note that we tend not to reprint a publication after it has sold out, therefore if the an issue is marked "Limited Stock" please contact Jane Hurst (via CONTACT page) first.

You can buy copies of the Alton Papers at the Curtis Museum or, if you wish to have them sent to you, please go to our How to Order page. If you have any enquiries, please contact Jane Hurst via the CONTACT page.

Click on the cover images or the text links below to open a dedicated page for each issue.

INDEX: Publications associated with Alton

Alton's Breweries

A history of Alton’s breweries from the earliest times which shows how they evolved to become some of the main employers of the town.

Alton's Inns

Alton had four inns - the White Hart, the George, the Swan and the Pelican/Crown. This book follows their stories from the medieval period.

Alton's Motor Traders - Part 1

Part 1 covers the businesses in the Town Centre, Anstey and Butts Road - showing how they grew with the development of the combustion engine.

Alton's Motor Traders - Part 2

Part 2 looks at the East and West of the Town Centre including Holybourne.

Alton's Photographers

The first dated photograph was taken here in 1857 by the Crowley family with the first professional being in business in Alton by 1865. Those who have taken pictures during the first 100 years are listed together with examples of their work.

Alton's Pubs

A description of the more than 40 alehouses, beerhouses and beer shops that have been found to be in Alton up until the time of the First World War.

Alton's Assembly Rooms & Crown Close

The Assembly Rooms have served the community for over 130 years - having been opened in 1880. The venue for plays, concerts, talks and dances, it became a Red Cross Hospital in W.W.I.

Hartley Mauditt House

Many a myth is told about this mansion but this book gives the real story (which is far more interesting) together with the catalogue of its contents from when it was sold in the late 1700s.

History of Alton 1800 - 1850

This history lists the main events that took place during the early 1800s including the formation of schools, the change in the market day, the sale of two breweries and the closure of Henry Austen’s bank.

Jane Austen and Alton

This book is written in the form of a walk around Jane Austen’s Alton but it can also be used as source of information about her time in the area.

Jane Austen and Chawton

This volume takes the reader along the Winchester Road and into the village centre describing those who Jane might have met on her walks around the area.

John Eggar’s Free Grammar School - The Early Years 1642-1880

Part of the Alton U3A Local History Group, including illustrations, it follows three centuries in the story of the school.

Miss Bell's Fountains

Many people will recognise the drinking fountain in Butts Road but not so many will know the story of the one that started its life in Crown Close but now sits forlorn in the Public Gardens.