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Gems of UK National Collections - Part 2


                                Art Appreciation in Berwick-St-James Reading Room


       Thursday, 30th June at 7pm with doors open 6.45pm

On Holiday in Norway, John Singer Sargent, Lady Lever Gallery On Holiday in Norway, John Singer Sargent, Lady Lever Gallery

Tonight we continue our journey through the many masterpieces of British and Continental painters that adorn galleries throughout the U.K. I will endeavour to select those artists and their associated masterpieces, that best reflect the social attitudes and collecting sensibilities of their times. We will commence with some of the masterpieces from the Wallace, an eclectic collection of Great Masters, Dutch Golden Age and Rococo works and then move to Kenwood House and the National Galleries of Scotland to sample several of Gainsborough’s most renowned portraits and those wonderful works of a more contemporary admirer, John Singer Sargent. There will be many other firm favourites, from White Girl No 1 and No 2, featuring the legendary Joanna Hiffernan, muse and model to Whistler, to A Bar at The Folies-Bergere, by Edouard Manet at the Courtauld Institute and Ingre’s Madame Moitissier at the National gallery and many other firm favourites.

Entrance £5 as a donation to the Reading Room Fund, to include a glass of wine, beer, or soft drink. For further information, contact Brian Armstrong on 01722 790647 or email: