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Berwick St James Parish Home

Update 7 January '21

Dear All,

We hope that you are keeping well? The purpose of this E mail is to put in place measures that we hope will give us all a fighting chance to avoid catching the virus until we are able to receive the vaccine.

Attached to this E mail is a letter which has been written by Dr Sally Hiscock for the village regarding the current situation. As you will see, the risk of catching the virus in Berwick is over 20 times higher now than it was in the first lockdown in March.  During the first lockdown Wiltshire’s infection rate was about between 10 and 15 per 100,000 and this has now risen rapidly over recent weeks and now stands at about 300 per 100,000 people. We need to be so so careful over the next few weeks. In order to enable us to avoid placing ourself in risky situations we have put in place the following:

Berwick C19 working group  - This group comprises of the following:

Dr Sally Hiscock

Charles Street

Hayley Burry

Andrew Green

Sarah Humphreys & Christian Lange

We will meet regularly to see what needs to be done – please feel free to contact either of us should you need anything or have any suggestions.

Buddy Groups – We are continuing with the existing buddy groups which have worked well so far. This would be a good time to get in touch with each other to see if anybody in your buddy group needs anything. Please contact Christian if you are unsure as to which buddy group you are part of.

Farm Shop – Marilyn intends to keep the shop open as usual with the same hours. We all need to do what we can to keep Marilyn safe and observe the safety measures that are in place – please sanitise hand before entering the shop and there should be no more than two people (ideally only one) in the shop at any one time.

Marilyn may well start up deliveries again, but, as she is working on her own at the moment,  we need a volunteer who is not themselves in any of the risk categories to help (under 50 and no underlying conditions). We will send out an update when we have one.  Please contact either Marilyn or Christian if you would like to volunteer to help.

Shopping for those who are shielding – Please contact us if you need any help with your shopping. A number of people in the village have volunteered to help so please don’t be shy – please keep safe and take up the offer of help if you are in any doubt as to whether you should be going supermarkets or any shops in the next few weeks. More details to follow after the village meeting.

Village Meeting Thursday 14th January 2021 at 7Pm

We will discuss the plans for lockdown in more detail at the next online village meeting. We will look at things that we can organise in the village to keep ourselves entertained and connected for the next two or three months. We may look at bringing back things such as the Pubquiz, more online wine tasting which was very popular and explore new ideas such as online scrabble / Monopoly leagues or something similar, puzzle exchange etc. Do bring ideas to the meeting.

Here is the link for the village meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 931 8354 9094

Passcode: 616774

It is possible to phone in using a landline. The number to call is 0203 695 0088 and enter the meeting ID and passcode shown above.

Village Social Media

The group WhatsApp has been very useful for Covid related requests and calls for assistance for a variety of things and as lockdown continues it would be good if the village Whatsapp group was for lockdown or more urgent issues. Please remember that each message that is sent results in about 55 telephones ‘pinging’.  It is good practice to use the private messaging facility when making arrangements which don’t concern the rest of the village. Please send your mobile number to Sarah to be added to the group.

The village Facebook page ‘Carry on Berwick’ on the other hand is the best place to discuss issues and for general chat, sharing of pictures etc. This is a closed group which means that it is only available or visible to people who are part of the Berwick St James group.

Many thanks and Keep safe!

Christian Lange & Sarah Humphreys

Letter From Dr Sally Hiscock                                                                           

                                                                                               7th January 2021


Dear Berwick Resident,

We all thought last year was bad but sadly this year has thrown us into very dark times indeed.

As a group, the Berwick Covid support committee, wanted to write to offer support to enable everyone in the village to stay safe by staying at HOME.

The change in the infectivity of the virus has brought the monster right to our doorsteps. The risk to our lives is probably 20 times greater than during the lockdown last spring.

I would suggest everyone over 65 years of age stays at home, even a trip to the supermarket should be viewed as a dangerous occupation.

That said GP surgeries are safe places to be seen and if you are called for vaccination, they start this week, you must go. It could literally be a life saver .

Please don’t ignore your general health. If you think you are having a heart attack or stroke you must call for help. Similarly, if you notice a new symptom, a lump or bump, blood in your urine or bowel, don’t put it on hold because of the virus, phone your GP.

The next three months are going to be a sad and difficult time but together, as the wonderful community we are, we can get through this. Think about your neighbours and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone likes a chat over the garden wall so let’s all use the telephone to talk to each other.

Please be careful who, if anyone, enters your home even family members can bring that unwanted virus.


Roll on summer 

Dr Sally Hiscock

Berwick St James Parish Home