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Berwick St James Parish Home

Update 21 March '21


As the weather is starting to improve and the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel becomes more visible, it is time for a quick up update for the village.

Moment of reflection – Tuesday 23rd March 12.00

Tuesday 23rd March has been nominated as a Day of Reflection, as it marks the anniversary of the first lockdown and thus provides an opportunity to reflect on all that has happened in the past year and in particular, the loss of so many lives.  

There is a one minute silence at noon after which the church bell will be rung for 5 minutes.

The Boot

Mike has written to say that the Boot will be opening up in compliance with the guidance from 12th April. This means that they will be serving in the garden only initially but we hope that in May people will be allowed in the pub itself. It will be so good to have a drink together at the pub again!

Village Art Competition

Following some fabulous entrants for our village Art Competition with the theme of ‘Berwick in Winter’. We are delighted to announce the following results and their awarded places. 

In the Adult Category :1st Place – Jane Rowe, 2nd Place – Nicky Street and 3rd Place – Paulene Patient

For the Children aged 12 years and under Category: We had one clear winner and the First Prize was awarded to Master George Ridley!

As promised the winning entries will be posted on our Facebook Site, Website (click here to view) and Village noticeboards. A huge thank you to ALL who entered and many CONGRATULATIONS to all our talented winners!

Village Notice Board

We are planning to refresh the Village Notice Board, by updating the current information and adding new. If any villagers would like to have a card displayed for their local business, or any community projects / activities etc. Please contact Hayley on 07774 926567 or

 Village Online Scrabble League

A number of us have been enjoying our Friday night games of scrabble over the last few weeks. We have resourced a web based platform, which enables 4 people to play a game of scrabble together online. It has proven to be hilarious fun with lots of laughter, as all the players compete with one another. It’s also been a great way to socialise together, whilst The Boot is closed. We will be continuing this for a few more weeks, so any new teams/ players are really welcome. Our next games will be played on Friday 26th March at 7pm.

If you would like to take part please contact Hayley on or 07774926567.


I have highlighted a few key points as discussed at the A303 Community Forum Online Meeting which took place on 17th March.   Click on this Link to go to that update.

Carolyn MacDougall

Easter crosses for decoration

As part of the celebrations for Easter, we thought it would be cheering to decorate the railings alongside St James’ churchyard.

Having seen the wonderful Christmas wreaths that villagers decorated, I have obtained some wire florist frames in the shape of a cross, which people can decorate as they wish.

If you would like a frame to decorate, please let me know and I will deliver to your house. They are currently just a wire frame, but could be filled with oasis or moss to make a base for adding flowers/foliage – Janey C-J has experimented adding oasis to one and it worked very well. Please make sure that there is something on the back (wire, string, ribbon) in order to attach it to the church railings.

Please take your decorated cross and attach it to the church railings on the morning of Good Friday, 2nd April. Or let me know and I will collect from your house.

With many thanks

Kate Glyn-Owen                                                                                                                                                                     01722 790961 / 970 115710

Next Village Meeting & AGM

The next village meeting will be held on Wednesday 19th May at 7pm. It will be held online again. This meeting will be our AGM where we will go through and approve the village accounts and also re-appoint the village committee members. The last AGM was held late due to the pandemic and was held six months ago on 28th September. We are now trying to get back to holding the AGM in the month of May in the normal way. The existing postholder have confirmed that they are happy to be considered for election at the AGM.

Christian Lange – Co- Chair

Sarah Humphreys – Co-Chair

Bill Hiscocks – Treasurer

Halley Burrey – Secretary

If anybody would like to stand for any of the above positions, please contact either Christian (790122) or Sarah (790 212) by 9th May at the latest

We are in the process of preparing an agenda for the meeting. Please could you let Christian or Sarah know if you have anything that you would like discussed at the next meeting.

Many thanks

Christian Lange & Sarah Humphreys

Co-Chair Berwick St James Village meeting


Update 22 January '21


I have just attended on online Covid 19 update meeting hosted by Wiltshire Council. The present infection rate in Wiltshire is 330 per 100,00 having only reduced slightly from the pre-lockdown figure of 387. It is clear that there have been infections in all villages in our area and Berwick is no exception. Please take all the precautions that you can and behave as if everybody you come in contact with (including yourselves) has the virus. This is the only way to keep us all safe.


Salisbury Hospital is looking for volunteers – Please find attached some information about the various volunteering roles.


At the meeting a number of ideas to keep us entertained during lockdown were discussed and it was agreed that the following would be fun for the village:



In years past in Berwick we used to have a Vegetable League culminating in Pumpkin Day and we thought it might be fun to revive this in a small, simple way. All entrants will be supplied with a Giant Onion plant and a Potato bag at the beginning of the growing season. The onion can be grown anywhere in a pot, tub or in the ground and the bag can be filled with any type of soil or  whatever you think is best. All they require is water, love and your secret winning ingredient to create the heaviest onion and the heaviest crop of potatoes.

For keener gardeners we can have a Runner Bean league, heaviest 3 tomatoes and the largest Sunflower head.

We do need to know the potential number of entrants and so if people could email to let me know how many entrants you might have in your household. Perhaps you have a neighbour that doesn’t have internet so perhaps you could reply for them? You can call on 790212.

We do hope that this creates a little Covid friendly fun!

Toby Humphreys


Village  Online Scrabble League

The trial runs have proven this to be great fun. We have resourced a web based platform, which enables 4 people to play a game of scrabble together online. Each game lasts approximately 45 – 60 mins, as the system automatically works out your score and each turn is limited to 2 minutes. If you try and enter a word that does not exist or is mis-spelt, the other players do not see which word you tried to use – as the system rejects it and you miss your turn.

Once we have a full list of who would like to participate; we will compile a schedule for the league, ensure all are comfortable with the online system (with one to one chats and dry runs with Andy) and get ready to socialise whilst paying scrabble. Be prepared for lots of laughter!

If you would like to take part please contact Hayley on or 07774926567 ASAP.


Wine Tasting – round 2!

Back by popular demand…  Bill and Greville have agreed to run another wine tasking evening. They are both in the process of working out the finer details and more details will follow on a separate E mail – Can’t wait!


Village Art Competition

We are launching a village art competition with the theme of ‘Berwick in Winter’. Artists can be creative within their freestyle, materials and technique, using their choice of watercolours, oils, chalk, wax crayons or pencils etc.

Entries are welcome from everybody in the village and will be judged within two age groups. First – Children aged 12 years and under. Second – Anybody aged 12 years and over.

The winning entries will be displayed on the village noticeboards, inside the reading room and the will also be featured as the main picture on our village Facebook page. There will be a prize for the 12 years and under winner! Please send a photo of your entry to Should you wish to submit the original or have any questions,  please contact Hayley on 07774 926567. Closing date for the competition is February 28th 2021.


Many thanks


Christian & Sarah


URGENT: Call to action – Salisbury District Hospital needs extra volunteers


We are looking for assistance with two volunteer roles as described below.


Ward Buddies

This role supports ward staff to enable them to concentrate on the clinical tasks.  Tasks will include moving equipment, answering the telephones, running errands,  maintaining cleanliness of ward kitchen and general tidying up of patient areas, making patient drinks and delivering food.  Full PPE will be issued as well as volunteer t-shirts.  Enhanced buddy roles with more patient contact such as feeding some patients.  These will require enhanced PPE.  There will be a fast track deployment so most of the training will be on the job.  We’re looking for you to ideally commit to a 2 – 4 hour session once a week every week for the foreseeable future.  Volunteers need to complete a health questionnaire and health risk assessment as part of the recruitment process in order to ensure a suitable match.  Volunteers must be over 17 years of age, fit and able to do a full shift on their feet and feel comfortable working under their own initiative within defined parameters, in an environment that may feel pressured at times.  Free parking at the hospital is available when on shift and/or reasonable travel expenses will be paid. 


Mass vaccination centre volunteer

There is a new mass vaccination centre opening in the City centre from next week and potentially running through to the Summer.  We are looking for volunteers to help marshal to move people through the vaccination hub from beginning to end, keeping orderly queue management and some administrative roles booking people in, etc.  This role requires you to be stood on your feet for potentially long periods of time. We’re looking for you to ideally commit to a 4 hour session once a week for at least a month.  Surgical masks will be worn.  A simple fast track recruitment process will take place including a health risk assessment.  There will be on the job training.  Free parking in Salisbury city centre will be available when on shift.


If you are interested in either or both roles, please email us on stating which role is of interest, your name and contact details, and for the ward buddy whether you have any previous experience volunteering or working in a hospital or medical environment, which  is not necessary but could be beneficial.


Thank you for considering this and we look forward to hearing from you.


Please stay safe and well.


Best wishes


Jo Jarvis and Monica Wilson


Voluntary Services Team

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust – Salisbury District Hospital