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VE Day - Berwick Residents & Their Homes

Berwick St James Parish VE Day -Berwick Residents & their Houses

Residents of Berwick St James - May 2020

Copied below is the set of excellent photographs taken by James Whatley of the residents of Berwick St James and their homes on or just after 8th May 2020.  The pictures were taken to mark the celebration of the 75th anniversary of victory in Europe.  (The only non-resident in this collection is Marilyn Wood who owns and runs The Berwick Farm Shop, but she is as much part of this village as everyone else!)

Due to the number of photographs, the pictures are arranged in four galleries and in sequence.  The photographs trace a pictorial route around the village in a clockwise direction starting from the south-western tip and finishing back down at the village's southerly point on the eastern side. To view all the photos, click on the first one in each gallery and then use the L/R arrow keys to move through them.  If you would like to see photographs of the residents who lived in these same houses some 20 years ago, click this link which will take you to the Millenium Book page on the website.

All the photographs are of a fairly high resolution, but can easily be copied and downloaded from this website in their original resolution.  Should you have any difficulty in doing so, please let me know ( and I will send you the photos that you want.  The plan is to produce a book of these photographs for residents to purchase, and this is currently being organised by Christian Lange.

The pictures were all taken by James Whatley and collated on the website by Neil MacDougall.