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Corona Virus - Latest Information Corona Virus - Latest Information

Update 28th May 2020

As some of the Covid 19 restrictions are starting to be lifted we thought we would give you a quick update about various things:

Buddy system and help with shopping

The Buddy system in Berwick has worked very well and we have been impressed how everybody has pulled together to provide assistance for neighbours who need help. This system will stay in place for the next few weeks as many people are still  ‘shielding’ and will appreciate the help. Let's hope that we do not get a second wave of infections, but we know that Berwick can work together well should that happen. The E mail addresses for help with prescriptions and shopping remain in place for the time being.

Farm shop orders

The system of placing orders for the farm shop via E mail has also worked well and has reduced the need for some people to visit the shop in person. We still get about 10 orders via E mail every week. This system will also continue for the next few weeks. As Georgina Lange is no longer able to do the deliveries as she has a new job as a carer in Salisbury, the E mail order will be forwarded to Rosie and Harry instead who will continue to help Marilyn. Please continue to use the same E mail address for farm shop orders.

Burning Smells in the village  

There have been various complaints about the unpleasant smell of  burning across the village. The smells come from the incinerator which is used and managed by Jem Pratt who runs the Chicken Farm. Jem was contacted last Friday and he identified that the burner had a fault which is being repaired. The following has been agreed with Jem in order to reduce the problem:

  • Residents are encourage to report the problem as soon as it is noticed. Christian is willing to be the point of contact and he will pass a message on to Jem. Please either place a message on the village WhatsApp group (preferred method as that way we keep a record of times and dates) or call Christian (790122) and he will inform Jem.
  • Jem will change burn days so that they will now be on Monday and Thursdays (previously Fridays)
  • He will also burn earlier in the day to avoid problems in the evenings
  • He is looking in the longer term to move the burner further away from the village.

Clapping for the NHAS on Thursdays

It has been suggested by the person who started off the 'clapping for the NHS’ that this Thursday be the last time that we do this. We propose that we also make this Thursday our last but biggest ‘Hoorah!’ for the NHS. After that time Christian will take away the lights illuminating the church etc. We can always re-introduce this initiative if things get bad again. People are obviously free to carry on should they wish to do so.

VE 75 Village Photo Book

The superb pictures taken by James Whatley on VE day can be found on the village website on this link

The photos have been arranged into a photo book which is being printed and we expect delivery any day. This will be treated as a ‘prototype’ to show people should they wish to purchase their own. It will consist of about 73 pages and as a result is relatively expensive and is likely to come in at just under £50.00 per hard backed book. More information to follow. 

Agenda for next village meeting

Our next village meeting will be held online again on Thursday 4th June at 7pm. Please find attached the agenda for the meeting (at the top of the page). Please could you let us know if you would like anything added to the agenda. 

Many thanks,

Christian Lange & Sarah Humphreys





Berwick St James

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