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Berwick St James Parish

Commemorative Tree Planting In Berwick

By Ian Gibb Berwick St James Parish

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Berwick St James Parish Contributor


For those of you who attended the Village Meeting a couple of weeks ago, or who have avidly read the resulting minutes, will have heard (or may have read) my proposal for Berwick to join the many communities across Wiltshire who will be commemorating the lives of the 100,000 servicemen from Wiltshire who died in World War 1 by planting a tree on the 100th anniversary of the end of the war next year for every serviceman who died. 
The trees to commemorate those who lost their lives in WW1 are free. We only need to place a bid and then follow the process. It has been established that there were 6 people from Berwick who died in WW1 so that is the number of trees proposed to plant.  Those in attendance at the meeting, as a village, fully supported the proposal.  It needs to be decided which species to plant, finalise how many and agree the location(s) by the end of November at the very latest.
Although it was agreed at the meeting that we would participate, we are under some pressure (from Wiltshire Council) to let them know as soon as possible what sort of trees we believe would be suitable and agree a location for the six trees, representing the six fallen members of this parish.  
Please let me know what you think.  Location examples given so far (which will require the permission of the Landowner) are
  • Alongside the present cricket pitch
  • on the bank by the barns at the north end of the village where speedwatch takes place
  • Between the Colthursts and the Guide Centre along the old track where there are already several mature beech trees
The list is by no means complete and there are probably other more suitable locations.  Also please let me know what type of tree you think would be suitable.
Thank you.

Ian Gibb

Project Manager

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Ian Gibb

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