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Grant Applications

Before making a financial grant WPM needs to satisfy itself that it is appropriate to do so.  This means it needs to have all relevant information relating to the request for money, this information and the request will go onto the Warnford website in advance of the Parish meeting at which the request will be considered.

The WPM holds two meetings a year, one in November when the budget for the next financial year (1st April-31st March) is agreed and so requests for grants are usually considered at the November meeting. However, requests may also be made at the AGM, which is held in May.  The date of the next meeting can be found on the website here.

To allow time for the request and supporting information to be put on the website and considered, they should be provided to the Clerk and copied to the Chairman a minimum of two weeks before the meeting at which the request is to be considered.

The following should be included, where possible:-

  • some background information on the applicant
  • most recent accounts
  • budget for the next financial period
  • an explanation of how much money is sought, what it will be used for and why a grant is needed
  • any other relevant supporting information.

Please remember that although some parishioners who read this information will be familiar with your organisation, others may not be, so please ensure that you prepare your request and supporting information with the latter in mind.

If your request and supporting information are not considered to be sufficiently clear, you may be asked to make changes to them before they can go onto the website.

Please contact the Clerk if you have any questions about this.