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Motorbike Noise Problem

Warnford Village Motorbike Noise Problem

Noisy motorbikes in the Meon Valley and especially the A32

The problem of excessive noise from some motorbikes is getting worse, despite all the concerns raised by residents, including the Warnford Parish Meeting and West Meon Parish Council to the Police, Police and Crime Commissioner, and local Councillors.  This is probably because the riders know that the P&CC does not regard this as an important issue.

If you find the noise intrusive then please report this to the police by phoning 101 or at

They prefer you to report on-line if possible. If not dial 101 and they will (eventually) take your details.

We would encourage you to report as often as possible otherwise the statistics of these offences will not flag up on the police “radar” as being a problem.

You can report: antisocial behaviour, noise, speeding, driving without due care either directly witnessed or if you are affected by an number of events over a period of time.

It is important to follow the right path through the Hampshire Police reporting pages.

We suggest the following:

  • Use the Tell us about Tab
  • then something you have heard or seen
  • then Road traffic incidents
  • identify the A32 or A272 on the map  and your or the location of the incident(s) or enter a postcode.
  • Then answer the questions offered
  • Then “report possible driving offence”
  • You then enter your details
  • Answer questions in so far as you can (e.g. motorcyclist, 500cc.) No other details are required of the offender unless you have them.

Submit your responses with tab at the bottom of page.

The minutes of the previous (disappointing) meeting with the Police and Crime Commissioner are already on the website and can be viewed here.

A32 Multi Agency Meeting 9 Dec 2016 File Uploaded: 18 July 2017 483.7 KB CANS Road Safety Solution 5 Dec 2018 File Uploaded: 12 December 2018 470.6 KB