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Local History

Warnford and the Meon Valley is rich in history stretching back to pre-historic times.  Edwin Grimshaw has compiled a comprehensive history of the Village in three parts covering the Church, Warnford Park and the Village.  These pages are all available on this website.

We also have a page which captures more recent events in Village and Meon Valley life, mostly covering the 20th Century.

If this has wetted your appetite, then here are some links to other websites that provide further insights into the history of the region and the village.

A brief history of Warnford - by Tim Lambert

British History Online - an account of Warnford and surrounding areas from a 1908 source

Carolyn Hughes - a blog written by Carolyn Hughes who is a local author of historical fiction.  This gives a good overview of the history of the village, Meon Valley churches and the Meon Valley Railway.  Carolyn's website can be found here.

Hampshire County Council Archive - contains a wide variety of historic documents going back to the 16th Century.

HCC Integrated Character Assessment - a comprehensive assessment of the geology, history and social context of the Meon Valley published in 2012

Warnford Park - a history compiled by Historic England

Warnford Park - Parks and Gardens UK website, mostly using information derived from Historic England but with links to other useful sites

Hampshire History - a site with information on the Church, St John's House and St Wilfrid

Brief history of the George & Falcon

Warnford Village Booklet - this is published by the Hampshire Genealogical Society as an aide to anyone researching family history in the area.

Saxons in the Meon Valley - this website contains a comprehensive and evolving source of information on the Saxon history of the region