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Manor Farm Consultation

Villager thoughts and ideas for the redundant dairy farmyard in Hayden Lane. Warnford 

There have been two well attended site visits to the redundant dairy and farmyard to look at the buildings and to view the extent of the site.  I have already received some very useful feedback from the two meetings and I am grateful for the suggestions that have been made.  If you have not written to me and have observations and ideas about the re-purposing of the site I would welcome your feedback - my email address is

My next step is to take advice from a highway engineer to better understand how the site can be accessed safely to accommodate new users.  Once I have that advice I will then ask a planning consultant to consider the suggestions made during this consultation and the range of uses that would be compatible with the characteristics and setting of the site.  This work will inform the possibility of making a pre-application to the South Downs National Park planning authority to seek their formal view on any proposals.

I would welcome feedback from everybody that attended the site meetings and also from the wider village community so as to help inform the process - my email address is  I plan to present a summary of initial thoughts and suggestions to the community before making a pre-applications.  If you have not attended a site meeting yet and would like to do so please email me and I will arrange to meet you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.

Warnford Village Manor Farm Consultation

An invitation from Andrew Sellick for a site visit to The Redundant Dairy Farmyard in Hayden Lane, Warnford. 

As you may know the dairy cows were sold and the dairy enterprise in the village ceased in May 2019. Since then I have been considering how the site might be used and/or the buildings re-purposed as the site and its buildings cannot stay unused indefinitely.

The buildings on the site amount to an area of about 45,000 sq.ft. together with a walled and concrete floored silage clamp of a further 5,500 sq.ft. The whole site area is approximately 5 acres with access ways and parking areas serving the buildings and with the main parking and outside storage areas being situated to the east of the buildings.  Two of the smaller buildings on the site have existing residential consent – one is occupied and one is in the process of being converted from its previous light industrial use.

Following the end of dairy farming in Warnford I had planned to arrange a site visit in Spring 2020 for both the farmyard’s neighbours and the wider village community to informally discuss ideas and options for the site’s future use. The beginning of the pandemic meant that this plan was set aside for the time being. Now that we are emerging from the worst of the impact of the pandemic and can more safely gather in groups outside I am extending an invitation to visit the site to see it’s extent and layout.  Following on from the site visit there would a more formal community consultation to identify ideas and options.