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Illegal activity on the green lanes

By Derek Chapman Warnford Village

Monday, 7 December 2020


Warnford Village Contributor


It’s now over two years since motor vehicles were banned from Bosenhill Lane, Green Lane and Dark Lane. Since the summer quite a lot of trail bikers are illegally riding the lanes and they are starting to churn up the mud and deepen the ruts again. If this continues it will undo the natural process of recovery from the damage done over the past years, which had started so well.

If you see anyone riding a trail bike or driving a motor vehicle on any of our green lanes it is a crime and should be reported to the police. The only exception is for landowners needing access to adjacent land. You can report it direct via:

or if you prefer, contact us on:

If you can take a photograph or a video, even better – but don’t put yourself at risk. Riders can be aggressive if confronted.

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