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Warnford’s “Green Lanes” – Update

By Derek Chapman Warnford Village

Wednesday, 31 July 2019


Warnford Footpath & Right of Way Advisor


High Court Challenge

Good news – following Hampshire County Council’s win in the Appeal Court, the Trail Riders’ Federation have decided not to pursue the case further, so the ban on motor traffic on Bosenhill Lane, Green Lane and Dark Lane which was imposed in June 2018 is now final.

This represents victory in a battle which has been going on for more than five years. To quote our Countrywatch Police Sergeant: “..hopefully the lanes can now return over time to the idyllic lanes and footpaths that they always were before being found and invaded by the off-road lobby …. it is definitely a reason to celebrate the power of the local community working together and to never give up ….”

The lanes (particularly Bosenhill) are recovering quite well, with grass growing in the middle of the track and the deep ruts created by 4x4s starting to fill naturally with soil and leaf litter. The bluebells and wood anemones at the top of the hill were amazing this year. If you want a quiet and peaceful walk or ride in the Parish, that’s the place to go!

We hope that the situation will now settle down and no further action will be needed. However if illegal use continues on Dark Lane and elsewhere the option of gating is still available. If you see recreational 4x4s or motor bikes on these lanes please let me know so that we can start to build evidence. Also please notify the Police on 101.

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